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Dive Into the New Age of AI Unbreakable Encryption

Our Quantum -Safe Encryption enables you to :

Store Top Secret Data on Clouds, Servers, Drivers 

The QST Encryption can’t be deciphered by any hacking teams, illegitimate entities or State Sponsored Hackers . QST is mathematically uncrackable. 

Store Classified Files on any Mobile or Desktop Device 

The QST  Systems can’t be penetrated by any type of Digital Forensic Extraction Tolls , they are immune to online and offline hacking and cyber attacks , spyware or malware infections.  

Share Sensitive Information Online 

The QST Cipher Machine is an above “Government/Military Level”, Quantum-Safe, impenetrable cipher tech, no matter how much computational power is applied.

Any type of  information that has been encrypted on QST AI Systems can be securely shared online, on any platform, including all email providers, social media and more. 

Full Immunity from Cyber Attack Weapons, & Remote Hacking 

The QST Systems are  powered by sophisticated cyber defense technologies that are :


Anti Interception
Anti Espionage
Anti Hacking
Anti Spyware 

Anti Malware
Anti Location Tracking 
Anti Digital Forensic Data Extraction
Anti Tapping
Anti Remote Digital Surveillance

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

The QST Cipher Systems are a stand alone solution, that does not required any integration to your current cyber security solutions. We provide you with an additional layer of cyber defense that enable you to withstand any type of data cyber attacks. 

Quantum -Safe Technologies

Desktop & Mobile Cipher Systems 

Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic

Working Stations

&  Mobile Cipher Devices. 

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