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The New Standard
in Data Encryption


Cryptographic Systems

"Data That Cannot be Read
Is Useless To Cyber Criminals"

Thierry De Gorter- CMO  
Quantum-Safe Technologies


Let Our Data Post-Quantum Cryptography Take Your Business to Secure Grounds

Our vision is to secure the world’s communications from the threats posed by advances in computing and mathematics.


At a time when technological progress has created an almost constant state of data proliferation, the need for the secure transmission of sensitive information has never been more significant.


It is essential to protect and future-proof data communication now through the advancement of reliable and ultra-secure quantum cryptography solutions based on advanced cipher technologies.

Cloud Storage 

The way to protect the world’s most sensitive data from the quantum threat is now available.

Data Encryption

Encrypt in Post-Quantum Cryptography Standards

Ultra Secure

New Age of Secured Communications Powered by Quantum Safe Tech

Quantum Cybersecurity Preparedness 

Today’s cyber security measures will not stand a chance when quantum computing technology matures, leaving our online information vulnerable.

Unprecedented Secrecy. Impeccable Reliability.

Currently, there are +2 million cyber-attacks every 24 hours in the world ! 


They are affecting : private individuals, companies, health care services, banks, international organizations, industries, governments, armies, satellites - elections, …

All our connected devices are at risk. 

We are spied on, deep into our integrity, most of the time without even knowing it !


Quantum Technologies are a reality, all the main companies are working on developments.


Quantum computing is a new generation of technology that involves a type of computer, currently estimated, 158 million times faster than the most sophisticated supercomputer we have in the world today. It’s a device so powerful that it could do within only less than four minutes what a traditional supercomputer should take 10,000 years to accomplish !

Theoretically, it might defeat the Blockchain, at a certain point.



Everyone needs to have a Quantum-Safe Encryption Solution to preserve any kind of data without compromise… Today !

“Quantum-Safe Technologies” is the worldwide leading expert having your solution, easy to implement on any platform.

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Are You Ready to Secure Your Business Data ?

Keeping data safe and secure is one of the greatest challenges posed by the rapid development of today’s information technology. More and more sensitive data is stored on remote computer servers, for example in the cloud, making secure access to this data a predominant concern.


Securing the transmission and retrieval relies on encryption of information sent over public networks.

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